Alışveriş sepetinizde hiç ürün bulunmuyor.


There are many ‘sweet’ reasons to drop by at Elizinn and have a good time.
You can enjoy yourselves in this nice, cozy spot where freshly cooked food comes straight out of the kitchen.
Elizinn first opened in 2006 on Tunalı Hilmi, where, with its varied and tasty menu, it quickly became the new meeting place.
5 years later, due its popularity, it opened a new branch in Çayyolu.
With 200 indoor seats and 250 outdoor seats, you can enjoy your time at Elizinn as much in the summer as in winter.
For them ‘cooking is an art, and so is eating’






Traditional breakfasts, soups, delicious salads and vegetables prepared with olive oil,
dishes just for you, carefully selected meats, chicken, and vegetables, afternoon cakes, delectable desserts,
mini éclairs, böreks, sweet or savory cookies, and special teas and coffees served at all hours of the day.
At Elizinn we offer buffets and delicious new flavors added each day by masterful hands.
Elizinn strives to please you with traditional flavors as well as new discoveries.






Elizinn’s trademark is the delicious flavors and smell wafting from freshly baked products.
You can choose where to wait for your order; while watching the kitchen from the window, or at your table, taking in the delectable aromas..
And those who want to watch their weight need not worry; we have offerings to suit every diet..
You can season up your life with new flavors each day..
And delectable cakes, mini éclairs, sweet or savory cookies, and special teas and coffees are served at all hours of the day.






Your wish is our command!
We cater for special occasions, parties, cocktails, group dinners, birthday parties,
meetings, openings, exhibitions, and all types of private organizations, or, if you wish, in your home.
Call us a day in advance and we will bring the menu of your choice, or the loveliest cake you can imagine; let us accompany you in your celebrations.
Choose from our catering menu and enjoy the luxury of entertaining at home without the stress of cooking.